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Q?: Do you practice Hatha Yoga?
Q?: Are you opened to other believes or religions?
P?: Do I have to pay something?
Q?: Where can I sleep?
Q?: How many meals per days? Is there an additional cost?
Q?: Is it possible to bring food?
Q?: What kind of clothes do I need?
Q?: What kind of activities can I do during my free time?
Q?: Do I need to speak English?
Q?: Why is it less expensive than other programs?
Q?: What is the conscious of Krishna (Hare Krishna)?
Q?: Is it compulsory to assist to the temple´s activities?
Q?: How many hours do I need to work?
Q?: Do you have internet?
Q?: Where can I wash my clothes?
Q?: Where is the nearest doctor?
Q?: Do you have a phone number?
Q?: When is the best moment to come?
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