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Our ideal is to share this healthy way of living with people of different ages and ideologies, in harmony with the environment and sustainability and with high spiritual values and morality.

We live a practical example of an alternative way of living (permaculture) compared to the actual consumerism system.

Moreover, we are a part of the international network Eco Aldeas, with whom we work for the same ideal. This network is composed of yoga and meditation centers, vegetarian restaurants, permaculture schools and ecological parks, this in more than 25 countries in the world with two centers located in the most sacred places of India.

Our international program of volunteering is towards everyone that wants to be a part of this way of living. For example, taking part of sustainable activities as permaculture, organic agriculture, forestation, eco constructions, eco-tourism, yoga practices, conscientious art etc. In the same time we experience contact with nature in the Andine environment with the quietude and harmony that offer the practices of Bhakty Yoga and Medication.

How can I help?

During the year, volunteers of different ages and from all over the world meet to learn and teach permaculture, discover its abilities, get into contact with the mother earth, help with the project, learn languages and enjoy an attractive experience in a unique natural environment.

This volunteering program is a good experience to get into contact with people that continually visit us to share experiences.

This is the initial phase of the construction of the “eco-aldea” and that is why we need truly pioneers that want to help in the following areas:

  • Huerto orgánico and permaculture,
  • Compost,
  • Lombriculture,
  • Vapor Hindu bath (temazcal),
  • Ecological architecture and ecological construction with local materials,
  • Art and decoration,
  • Orquideario,
  • Gardening,
  • Vegetarian and vegan cook.

People can also help us with organization tasks, communication, translation and looking for useful themes for the community. We are disposed to share what we know about technics and way of living in community in exchange of your help.


What to bring?

When coming to UCHUMACHI GOVARDHAN you might need these things:

  • A tent (if you prefer to have more privacy)
  • A sleeping bag
  • Warm clothes
  • Repellent against mosquitos
  • A hat
  • Solar protection
  • Biodegradable Products
  • Sneakers or comfortable shoes to walk
  • A rain coat
  • Sandals
  • Swimsuit
  • And an open mind ☺


We prefer ecological products, help us to maintain this place environmentaly friendly, please try to not bring plastics and if you do so please take them when leaving the farm.


Become a member of the staff of Uchumachi Govardhan

After two months in the volunteer program, if you and the members of the eco aldea feel a mutual respect and harmony, you can stay as a resident or as a member of the staff crew helping the development of the activities of the farm without paying any charges.


How does it work?

The purpose is to create and maintain a truly ecological and spiritual oasis with emphasis on sustainability.

The program is 4 hours of volunteer work plus a donation depending on how long you stay.

Moreover, you could learn about vedica philosophy, Hindu music, inbound yoga, mantras y alternatives therapies to clean our physical body as well as our mind:

  • Musical therapies ,
  • Fire ceremonies,
  • Offers to the earth mother ,
  • Implantation of OIDA therapies,
  • Meditation in the waterfalls.

In order to be a part of this program you can:

  • • Communicate with us by using this email address:, or phoning at 72507625, we will respond to any doubts,
  • • Please confirm our date of arrival by mail or phone.




Donation to the volunteer program

In order to maintain these program we ask our volunteer a contribution as following: If you stay between:

  • One day and two weeks US$7 per day (B48,00);
  • Two weeks and a month US$5 per day (B35,00);
  • More than one month US$ 3 per day (B$20,00).
  • You have to make the donation when you arrive at the farm.

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