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Uchumachi comida vegana

Food in UCHUMACHI GOVARDHAN is vegetarian (with option vegan).

This yoga ashram serves two copious meals per day, breakfast and lunch during the afternoon, and a hot beverage for the night.

Volunteers are hosted in a shared room. There are two rooms, one for man and another one for woman. If you prefer you can stay in a tent, this option depends how many volunteers are hosted and your preference.

Advices for a good stay

When coming to UCHUMACHI GOVARDHAN we ask everyone to be respectful and follow certain rules which were created to conserve the purity and integrity of this sanctuary.

  • Always remember you are in a yoga-monastery,
  • Come with a community spirit and good will,
  • Do all the activities in accordance with your own physical condition,
  • Fires are allowed in the areas managed for it,
  • Use biodegradable products or products that are not harmful for the environment,
  • Descarte your trashes
  • Respect everyone,
  • Use of drugs and alcohol is not allowed,
  • Having sexual practices is not allowed,
  • Only vegetarian food is allowed,
  • Be responsible of your own safety.

Uchumachi Eco Yoga vegetariana

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